The Band: How it all began
When Kyle was a little boy, he said "Dad, I want to play the drums". Kyle got a guitar. He did manage to play the snare drum in the school band. He was scarred for life, however, when his junior high band instructor proved to him and the rest of the band that the clarinetist, flautist and janitor could all play his snare part at the correct tempo, whereas he was having a problem doing so.
Kyle is our lead guitar player. He is always in time and seldom misses a lick. He occasionally awakens in cold sweats, having dreamed that Frank, the janitor, was chasing him with a snare.

We gave him another chance in the studio, to add an extra snare part on "I Mean Well".

We ended up calling in Frank.

When Bob was a little boy, he said "Mom, I want to play the drums".
He got a set of drums.
Bob's mom is so cool.
Bob is our drummer.

We recently learned, in a studio session, that he is also a fine udu player. We didn't even know Bob had an udu. Here is a picture of Bob, playing his udu. You will hear the udu on "Heart of Me". It sounds a little like the bubbly sound you would hear, on "Pop up Video". If you would like to see more udu's, click on this cool link.
Bob ran Frank out of the studio and reclaimed all percussion parts on the cd, except for the one triangle hit that Kyle nailed, at the end of "I Mean Well". Way to go, Kyle.
When Dawn was a little girl, she said "Mom, I want to play the drums." She stood beside Randy Winnette, the drummer in 6th grade band for 2 days, then realized that (like Kyle) she wasn't going to get any drums. Then she said "Mom, I want to play the saxophone." She stood beside Brian Butler, the sax player in the 6th grade band for 2 days, then realized she wasn't getting a saxophone, either. She quit going to band practice after that. Dawn figured it must be her destiny to play with her own God-given instrument. God gave Dawn a nice instrument.
Randy Winnette went on to play with groups like New Kids on the Block and in McDonald's commercials.
Dawn is our lead singer.
Dawn also plays guitar. We didn't know if we really needed another guitar, early on, but we felt bad that she didn't get an instrument when she was little. Especially since her father and grandfather built guitars for a living (we'll never hear the end of that one). Besides, we all think a chick with a guitar is cool.
When Robert was a little boy, he said "Mom, Dad, I hate drummers." He got a guitar. When Robert started playing with the guys in the band, back when the band was called Usual Suspects, Kyle said "we need a keyboard player". Robert said "but, I'm a guitar player." Robert played the guitar on some songs, on their "Soapbox Row" release. He's a rockin' guitar player. Robert doesn't play the guitar much anymore.
We did, however, let him put his grungy sound in the chorus of "Ol Man Sue". He was very happy.

Robert is our keyboard player. He plays the Hammond B-3 organ. He is a rockin' Hammond player.

He loves his best friend, Bob…the drummer.

When Mark was a little boy, he didn't say much. Finally, his parents said "here, honey, why don't you play the bass?" He didn't really see any reason why he shouldn't, so he did. Mark is our bass player. He keeps a beat going, so Bob, the drummer, has something to follow.

Mark still doesn't say much....

Mark feels bad for his best friend, Kyle, knowing how troubled he still is over Frank, the janitor. Mark is glad he wasn't in the junior high band.

When Ted was a little boy, he said "Gee, Mom, I'd really like to play that family heirloom violin sitting in the corner, which I understand came all the way over here from Europe at the turn of the century." Ted was very smart for a 5-year old. He got the violin. He liked that it didn't have any frets, probably because you couldn't really tell if he was messing up or meaning to play that sound.
He picked up a pedal steel guitar, somewhere along the way and also added the slide guitar to his quill. He doesn't really have a quill, but he does do a fine job, playing all those instruments. Remember, Ted was smart, early on, so learning new instruments came pretty easy for him. Ted may not be so smart, afterall. He has a lot of equipment to haul around. Here's a picture of Ted, standing behind his pedal steel, playing the slide guitar. We think if he tried real hard, he could play two at the same time.
So, that's how it all began, and how we all got where we are now…at least that's how we remember it.

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